DISC Certifications

The Institute's certifications are recognized by the market as the standard in DISC training

Diplomas and Certifications

The International DISC Institute places a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality and integrity of DISC training through a comprehensive certification system. This commitment to excellence is reflected in the four distinct levels of certification offered by the Institute. Unlike traditional educational bodies, the Institute does not directly provide courses. Instead, it focuses on certifying the training delivered by professionals and companies that have rigorously validated their courses with the Institute.

This approach ensures that those seeking DISC training receive instruction that meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness, as set by the Institute. By certifying a range of training programs across various levels, the Institute maintains a robust framework that upholds the principles of DISC methodology while fostering an environment of continuous learning and professional development. This system not only reinforces the credibility and reliability of DISC training but also provides learners with the assurance that their educational journey is guided by the highest benchmarks of excellence in the field.

Personal Diploma and Certifications

Our DISC training recognition system consists of an entry-level (Bronze Seal) without certification and 4 levels of certification (Silver to Diamond Seals).

Seal Bronze DISC

Bronze Seal


Expert in DISC language and its application in life and work, understanding the methodology and fundamental aspects of DISC

Seal Silver DISC

Silver Seal


Knowledge of advanced DISC methodology by understanding the structure of the DISC method, its application in the work environment, and advanced interpretation of graphs and reports.

Seal Gold DISC

Gold Seal


Advanced expert in DISC theory and practice, extensive experience in client debriefing, able to train in both bronze and silver DISC language and act as a Mentor to others

Seal Platinum DISC

Platinum Seal


Promoter and spreader of the DISC methodology, advanced trainer, with deep knowledge and its integration with other HR-related tools. Creation of programs based on DISC

Seal Platinum DISC

Diamond Seal


Development of new spheres of DISC application, theoretical, scientific, and technical advancements in DISC theory and methodology

DISC Language Expert

Seal Bronze DISC

This is the entry-level. This level is not certified, but has a diploma of recognition with a Bronze seal. The Bronze level is essential to obtain the Silver certification. Many courses offered by recognized centers offer the Bronze and Silver Seal in the same course.


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DISC Certified Behavioral Analyst

The Silver certification level enables the person to professionally apply the DISC methodology in the personal and family environment, giving him/her the necessary tools for the interpretation of reports and the work of accompaniment.


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Gold DISC Certified Behavioral Analyst

A Gold Level Certification from the International DISC Institute signifies advanced expertise in DISC theory and practice. This prestigious credential highlights extensive experience in client debriefing and the ability to train others in both Bronze and Silver DISC levels. Gold-certified individuals also serve as mentors, guiding peers in understanding and applying DISC principles effectively.


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Who is it aimed at

Platinum DISC Certified Behavioral Analyst

A Platinum Level Certification from the International DISC Institute marks a distinguished status. It signifies the individual as a promoter and spreader of the DISC methodology. As an advanced trainer, they possess profound knowledge of DISC and its integration with other HR tools. This certification involves expertise in creating specialized programs based on DISC, showcasing an exceptional ability to apply and disseminate DISC concepts at an advanced level.


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Who is it aimed at

Master DISC

Being certified at the Diamond Level by the International DISC Institute represents a pinnacle of achievement in the realm of DISC theory and application. It signifies a unique role in developing new spheres for DISC application, encompassing theoretical, scientific, and technical advancements. Diamond-level professionals are recognized for their pioneering contributions, significantly enriching and evolving the DISC methodology and its practical implementations in various fields.

The Diamond Certification is awarded at the proposal of the Institute itself.

Advance in your DISC certification

To obtain Gold-level certifications and beyond, you must acquire the number of badges indicated at each certification level.

Feedback Badges

For every hour you spend providing feedback to an evaluatee on their report, explaining report outcomes or DISC results such as job profiles or group charts to others (like HR department clients), you earn one badge. In other words, 1 hour equals 1 badge.

Teaching Badges

For every hour you spend teaching the DISC methodology to others, whether in specific DISC courses (like the Bronze level), DISC-specific modules within other courses, or in courses that are based on DISC (where DISC is a key element), such as a sales course based on DISC, you earn 1 badge if the course or module is specifically about DISC, and half a badge if DISC is a key element but not the central theme of the course.

Training Badges

Every hour of training you receive specifically on DISC topics or its application to different areas equates to 1 badge. For every 10 hours of training received that facilitates the application of DISC, such as training in coaching, communication, team building, feedback, etc., you earn 1 badge.

Speaker Badges

Each article related to DISC and published in any media outlet external to the writer corresponds to one badge (personal blog articles are not accepted).

DISC Corporate Seal

The “DISC Corporate Seal” is a prestigious certification that signifies a company’s integration of the DISC methodology into its selection and development processes, as well as in the interaction and communication between employees. This seal confirms that the organization not only understands but actively applies DISC principles, ensuring a more effective and insightful approach to team dynamics, communication, and employee development. Having trained personnel in DISC methodology, the company demonstrates a commitment to advanced behavioral understanding, which is crucial in today’s fast-paced and diverse workplace environments. This certification is a mark of excellence, showcasing the company’s dedication to fostering a productive and harmonious work culture.

Owning the DISC Seal for Businesses elevates a company’s prestige in the corporate world. It serves as a testament to their progressive approach to human resource management and organizational development. Companies with this seal are seen as leaders in adopting scientifically-backed methods for improving team interactions and individual performance. This not only enhances their reputation among peers and potential clients but also makes them more attractive to top talent who value working in environments that prioritize personal growth and effective communication. In essence, the DISC Corporate Seal is not just a symbol of achievement but a beacon of forward-thinking corporate culture.

The DISC Corporate Seal can be awarded at the discretion of the Institute, or can also be requested by companies interested in obtaining it.