About the Institute

Devoted to the research, validation, certification and promotion of DISC Methodology

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About the Institute

The International DISC Institute stands as a beacon in the realm of behavioral studies, dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of DISC Methodology. As a non-profit organization, it commits itself to the rigorous research, validation, and certification of DISC principles, ensuring their accuracy and relevance in contemporary settings. The Institute’s efforts are pivotal in maintaining the integrity and applicability of DISC, making it a trusted resource for professionals and individuals seeking to understand and apply behavioral insights.

With a global vision, the International DISC Institute plays a crucial role in promoting the DISC Methodology across various sectors. Its work extends beyond mere academic pursuits, focusing on the practical implementation of DISC. The Institute empowers individuals and organizations to harness the full potential of DISC.

The Institute is an independent, legally established non-profit organization in the United States of America, consisting of professionals from various companies, psychologists, and researchers from different countries. These members bring years of experience in DISC methodology and share a collective enthusiasm for its application and expansion.


The mission of the International DISC Institute is to empower individuals and organizations worldwide by providing comprehensive knowledge, research, and application of DISC Methodology. We strive to enhance understanding of human behavior in various contexts, including personal development, professional growth, education, and interpersonal relationships. Our commitment lies in advancing the study, validation, and practical implementation of DISC principles, ensuring their relevance and effectiveness in contemporary society. Through our dedicated efforts in certification, training, and global outreach, we aim to foster improved communication, empathy, and collaboration, thereby contributing to the creation of more harmonious and productive communities and workplaces.

INTERDISC Activities

Founded on the principles of scientific rigor and practical applicability, the Institute serves as a global center for research, education, and the promotion of DISC principles. Its focus extends beyond academic research, delving into the real-world application of DISC in various sectors such as business, education, personal development, and community relations. 

Key Activities of the International DISC Institute:

  • Research and Validation

    Conducting cutting-edge research to further validate and refine DISC methodologies, ensuring they remain scientifically robust and relevant to contemporary challenges

  • Certification Programs

    Offering comprehensive certification levels validating the content and practice materials for professionals seeking to specialize in DISC methodologies, ensuring a high standard of expertise and ethical practice in the field, and keeping a database of certifies professionals

  • Collaborative Partnerships

    Engaging in partnerships with academic institutions, businesses, and community organizations to promote the understanding and application of DISC principles across various sectors

  • Global Outreach

    Expanding the reach of DISC methodologies worldwide through digital platforms, making the tools accessible and relevant to a diverse global audience