Types of DISC Training

Training Not Certified

Bronze Seal

Diploma of recognition (not certified)

The Bronze Seal is the first level of recognition in the formation of the DISC methodology. It provides basic knowledge about the DISC behavioral language and its application in specific work activities, such as: Leadership; teamwork; customer support; sales; conflict resolution, etc.

Who is it for?

  • Executives and managers
  • Middle managers
  • Basic Jobs
  • Anyone at any job

Certified Training

Silver, Gold and Platinum Certifications

DISC Behavioral Analyst

The DISC certification Analyst level guarantees that the person has obtained the knowledge of the DISC language and understands in depth how the DISC works, applying his knowledge to the area of Human Resources and consulting processes. The Certified Analyst is able to apply the DISC methodology in the recruitment, internal career, and behavior analysis.

Who is it for?

  • HR Professionals
  • Consultants and Coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Educators