DISC Certifications and Diplomas

We have restructured our recognition system to make it more understandable and simple. As of January 1, 2018, any public use of seal of recognition or certification must adapt to the new system.

For diplomas and stamps prior to January 1, 2018 please follow this link to check the correspondence of your old system seal with the current system in force.

Contact us to send you your updated certification seal.

Non-certified Training

Diploma of recognition

Bronze seal (not certified)

Requirements for the Bronze recognition level
  • A minimum course of 8 hours taught by a Certified Analyst (Silver, Gold or Platinum
  • Understanding what is and is not the behavior and the DISC
  • Detailed characteristics of the four DISC behavior factors
  • Natural, adapted and self-perceived profiles
  • Understanding and appreciation of the different DISC styles
  • How to “read” the DISC styles in others
  • How our own style conditions us
  • Application of the DISC to work: Communication, sales, customer service, leadership, teams, etc.
What enables?

Improves professional performance by applying DISC principles in leadership, teamwork, sales, customer service, team management, communication, conflict resolution, teaching, parenting, etc.

Certified Training

All the processes of DISC Analyst Certification are reviewed by a committee of the Institute before being accredited

DISC Behavioral Analyst

Silver Certification

Requirements for the Silver Certification level

All requirements of Bronze recognition plus:

  • A minimum of 8 additional training hours
  • Taught by a DISC Advanced Analyst Certificate (Gold or Platinum Certifications)
  • Interpretation of DISC graphs
  • How to give feedback to graphs and reports
  • Symptomatic profiles
  • Unusual profiles
  • Interpretation of profile disparity
  • Strengths and weaknesses in DISC styles
  • DISC in recruitment
  • DISC in teamwork
  • Job profiles
  • DISC and job competences
  • DISC and leadership
  • DISC and sales
  • DISC and team roles
  • DISC maps
  • Written exam
What enables?
  • Teach DISC courses applied to professional performance
  • Interpretation of profiles and reports
  • Feedback, consulting, counseling, mentoring and coaching based or supported by DISC methodology
  • Professional use of the DISC in the recruitment and in the development of professional skills

DISC Behavioral Analyst

Gold Certification

Requirements for the Gold Certification level

All the Bronze and Silver recognition requirements plus:

  • Mentored by a Certified Master Analyst
  • A proven experience of at least 100 hours in the interpretation or feedback of DISC reports
  • Have taught at least 100 hours of expert level courses (Bronze Seal) with a minimum of 100 students who have obtained the Bronze Seal
  • Have participated as an assistant or participant in at least 3 DISC Behavioral Analyst certification courses (Silver Seal)
  • Demonstrate, through articles, presentations, studies or research, an advanced knowledge in DISC
  • Have a DISC mentor (Gold or Platinum Seal) for at least one year that supports you and write a letter of recommendation at the end of the year
  • Demonstrate that you actively and continuously use the DISC methodology in your professional practice
  • An active promotion of the DISC methodology
What enables?
  • All from the Bronze and Silver levels plus…
  • Teach Silver level DISC certification courses

DISC Behavioral Analyst

Platinum Certification

Requirements for the Platinum Certification level

All requirements for Bronze, Silver and Gold recognition plus:

  • A demonstrable experience of at least 500 hours in the interpretation or feedback of DISC reports
  • Have taught at least 200 hours of expert level courses (Bronze) with a minimum of 200 students who have obtained the Bronze level recognition
  • Have taught at least 20 analyst level (Silver) courses with a minimum of 200 students certified by the Institute
  • A proven experience in the DISC methodology and its application
  • Have developed tools, applications or reports based on DISC
  • A written thesis
What enables?
  • Everything from the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels plus…
  • Training and mentoring of Gold level Analysts

If you wish to obtain any of our certifications, please, contact us indicating your city and country and we will provide you with the courses that our associates offer in your region.