The International DISC Institute

About the Institute

The area of communication and behavior is undoubtedly one of the most important factors in all areas of life, both personal and business.

Everywhere there are sales teams that do not work, business executives who have conflicts with their staff, couples who do not understand each other.

DISC is a system of behavior and emotions analysis in business and personal environments that significantly helps us understand ourselves, understand how others are, and thus be able to interact, communicate and relate in a productive and proactive way.

Our Activities

The International DISC Institute DOES NOT sell or distribute DISC assessments, our competences are:

  • Promote the DISC through conferences, seminars and papers
  • Develop and promote resources based on DISC
  • Certify DISC training provided by specialized companies, ensuring their quality
  • Maintain a database of professionals trained in the professional use of DISC
  • Help DISC developers validate and test their tools and reports
  • Investigate about new applications of the DISC model

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people improve their interpersonal relationships and performance in business, social and personal areas, which we believe will revert to more productive companies, more active environments, and more satisfying lives, through development, promotion, and the extension of the DISC and its application in all possible environments.

Our Committee

The International DISC Institute is made up of professionals from different companies and countries with years of experience in the DISC methodology, united by their enthusiasm in the use and promotion of the DISC. Our committee serves as a reference body in the activities of the Institute:

  • Mr. Ignacio Rubio (Spain)
  • Mr. Fernando Huertas (Colombia)
  • Mr. Enrique Jimenez Soler (Spain)
  • Mrs. Brigite Schuler (Switzerland)
  • Mr. Sergio Almeida (Portugal & Brasil)
  • Mrs. Ángeles Gris (Spain)
  • Mr. Fabrizio Dezio (Italy)
  • Mr. Juan Daniel Pérez (Spain)
  • Mrs. Silvia Lavobitz (USA)
  • Mrs. Monique Schuler (Germany)
  • Mrs. Marcela Martire (Argentina)
  • Mr. Gonzalo Rodriguez (Argentina)
  • Mrs. Paola Tarditi (Brasil)
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