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What is DISC?

Imagine a situation where you were interacting with someone and the interaction with the other person was very good. "We have chemistry", "oh, hi is so nice", "I feel like I know him since ever"...

Now consider another situation in your life in which the interaction with the other person did not work from the beginning of the relationship. "There's something I don't like about her / him", "I ralize something from the first moment", "we are not compatible", "I do not understand how he can be as he is"...

Both cases occur in greater or less extent every day in our relationships at work, social and family enviroments. Why the interaction worked in one case and not the other? One of the keys is the language of behavior and emotions. Each person has developed a different personality style applied in different ways in different situations or environments. That type of behavior personality is manifested through language, behavior and emotions.

DISC is the language of behavior

DISC is an acronym for the words Decision, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. These adjectives reflect four dimensions of human behavior which are found in varying degrees in every person. Usually people have one or two dimensions that stand on the other resulting in some combination, this is what is called the DISC profile. This profile allows us to determine how the person communicates through his behavior and what you need to do for this communication to be two-way and successful, ie allows us to speak a common language in the field of behavioral reactions and emotions.