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22 Nov

3 behavioral keys for the recruitment process

During the final stages of hiring, candidates have a level of training and career experience very similar. You face with the dilemma of choosing only one of them and feel that information at your hands is not enough to make you feel 100% sure about your decision. How can you ensure that your decision is the right one?

1. Complete the job description, setting a behavioral profile with key behaviors required for the position.

For example, a job position could be:

  • Clear focus on people and relationships to achieve goals
  • Fast-paced and innovative responses
  • Working with many people interact, communicate
  • Find new ways of doing things when the under pressure
  • Flexibility to switch easily between tasks
  • Being able to manage people when needed

And in another case:

  • Clear focus on the processes and tasks
  • Ability to prepare well before making changes
  • Follow the methods given in a patient and consistent way
  • Resolve conflicts based on data, information and objective facts
  • A stable working rhythm to ensure consistency of results
  • Working alone or with a very small group of people

There are tools that help us in the behavioral job description as the DISC job profile some companies offer

2. Adapt your communication style to the candidate profile' one to get the maximum information.

It is inevitable that we feel more comfortable with some people than with others. For example, if we are unhurried and quiet in communication, do not usually make big gestures and we have developed our active listening skill, we feel uncomfortable with people who speak very fast, with a very direct and concise style that come with forceful gestures, or vice versa.

Also there are people who feel more comfortable talking about their experience and talent based on data, others in their personal relationship with peers, superiors, clients, etc., others in their contribution to the company or team and others in the objectives achieved.

Knowing yourself and knowing the personality styles of the candidates can be very important, the DISC assessments help us to know ourselves the DISC Behavioral Analyst Certification Course train us in the different profiles of the candidates.

It is important to identify patterns so that the candidates can express themselves comfortably so we can get as much information as possible.

3. Explore the motivational tendencies and the degree of alignment with the culture of the organization according to the behavioral profile.

If the company has a family atmosphere and almost all know each other, people are open and talkative, perhaps a more focused person in his work than in his peers, who has not the habit of enriching personal relationships but focuses more in achieving the objectives of work could cause roughness in the day to day business. In short, it is important to know the behavioral profile of the candidate and the behavioral demands of the job to ensure the rigor of the hiring process.

By Angeles Gris